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tutorial list

  1. Part I : Learn programming with turtle
  2. 1.1 - What is a program ?
  3. 1.2 - Graphic features
  4. 1.3 - Loops
  5. 1.4 - Variables
  6. 1.5 - If then else - Conditions
  7. 1.6 - For loop

  8. Part II : Structured programming
  9. 2.1 - Functions


The purpose of Algoid is to simplify the programming and algorithms learning.
Its language was designed to be clear and as simple as possible.
To learn programming, the best way is to try and try again some ideas and examples:
Here is a set of examples and algorithms that allow you to understand and experiment programming.
Some of these examples are inspired by the book of Dr Stephane Ducasse.
Some other were learned during my own learning programming and I do not remember their exact origin.


Book Author
Squeak: Learn programming with Robots Dr. Stéphane Ducasse

learn programming made simple and funny !