Algoid help

quick tour

How does the Algoid IDE help you to write code quickly using code snippets?
How does the Algoid step-by-step and debugger work and help you understand what you are programming?


Touch the arrow icons to interact with the layout. Touch the slider menu to bring up the navigation menu.

  • help
  • tutorials
  • forum
  • scope view
  • log
  • algo
  • text
  • run until next breakpoint
  • run until next line
  • run until next instruction

ide tools

IDE tools allow you to undo and redo code changes and share what you have written with your friends.

Code snippets can be included directly in your own code to make programming more efficient.
NOTE: code snippet can be dragged from left to right to discover a lots of possibilities.

ide / help interacting

Long press on a keyword or function in theIDE to open the help at the related chapter.
Click the "insert into ide" link above each snippet to insert that code into the IDE.


  • file: see file
  • run / stop: execute the code and stop it
  • parameters: see parameters
  • format: format the code (auto-indentation)
  • help: all about Algoid : help, about and release note
  • donate : to help and encourage the developer


  • create new file
  • open a file
  • save it
  • save as new file
  • restore samples file from system, if you have modified it by mistake

With the following manager screen


  • run in debug mode
  • run in step by step mode
  • insert or remove breakpoint on the current line
  • clear all breakpoints in the file

I hope this helps!

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