Download algoid


Android version, available on aptoide store :

Algoid on Aptoide

Desktop (Windows, Linux, Mac OS)

java(tm) jar version - strongly recommended :

AlgoIDE jar

  • Download the AlgoIDE-release.jar file
  • Verify that Java(tm) is installed on you machine :
    java -version
  • If not, install Java(tm) jre
  • Double click on package or launch in terminal :
    java -jar AlgoIDE-release.jar -noBorder


Jata(tm) applet version - directly from browser :

AlgoIDE applet


Java(tm) webstart version :

AlgoIDE jnlp

ALGEA - Algoid Language Game Engine Abstraction

ALGEA is a game engine. It is able to renter in OpenGL with a physic engine and a complet scenographer.
ALGEA challenge to give you the ability to create a video game with few lines of code.
Come on and try it!
Algoid Language Game Engine Abstraction

  • Download file
  • Extract it
  • If your are on windows; go to Algea directory and launch Algea-IDE.bat
  • If you are on linux or mac-os; on a shell, launch ./


Algoid is a free software and I want to keep it independent from boring and intrusive advertisings.
However algoid represent not less than 15 months of developments. So, if you like it, please donate to support it's developpment.

Feel free to indicate the future feature you wish in algoid to be more fun or usefull:

  • Gui and device capabilities (GPS, camera, gyroscope etc....)
  • Game developpment
  • Mindstorm commands and opencv acquisition
  • Graphical programming (like scratch and alice)
learn programming made simple and funny !